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Low cost three row rope marker for line management in transplanted rice

Sri Mukesh Kumar Dhal

    Address: Village: Ender Po: Haladia, Block: Derabish, Dist: Kendrapara Pin: 754207

    Mobile: 8637261848

    Age: 27 years

    Educational Qualification: Graduate

    No. of family members: 4

    Resources owned by Farmer:

    Land:2.0 ha,Pond:1 ha, Animal resourses: 4 cows

Details of Innovation:

In Kendrapara district line transplanting is done by dragging a single rope by two labourers at each end. The innovator designed a low cost marker for line transplanting of rice. In his designed marker, it is having two sides 30 inches handle and there are 3 no of holes at a distance of 10 inches in both sides of the handle for tying of rope. In the middle of the marker, another 30 inches bamboo made stick is there to maintain balance of marker rope. Innovator maintains a handle size of 2 inch width and 30 inch length where three lines used for marking and transplanting of rice seedlings. The length of the marker is designed as such that we can adjust the length as per requirement.

Comparison to existing practices:

In existing practices we require two persons to hold the single rope, but in the innovations there is no requirement of the labourers as it can be fixed in soil by the side handle of the marker. Another advantages with this marker is instead of one line, three lines can be marked and planted with single fixation.

This innovation of low cost marker increases the agricultural labour efficiency and reduces cost of cultivation of line transplanting up to Rs 2000/- per acre and increase yield up to 20q/acre which is result in in 25 % more income than single line rope marker method of rice transplantation.